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Campus Continued:

  • 2 acre organic communal garden Gardens are the focus of the center. A place to socialize and learn. 

  • 1 acre for food, herbs, flowers where residents and visitors can work and another acre for fruit trees. Medicinal herb and flower gardens can be interspersed throughout the campus. We are growing as much of our own food as possible. 

  • ·Heated outdoor pool with hot tub spa

  •  Outdoor game area. Horseshoe, Badminton, Shuffleboard, Putting Green. Pickleball.

  • ·Tiered outdoor sanctuary or theater/entertainment area.

  • ·Multi paved and unpaved walking/hiking areas. 

  •  Laundry area 

  • Salon, small store for sundries, supplies, game room, library.  

  • Technology support and business center. 

  • Art studio with area for painting ceramics and more Parking 

  • Solar electricity and composting areas. 

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