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Our mission is to build a living community comfortable for everyone and catering to active adults with a retreat center where anyone can visit, heal, eat or live in a safe environment. The center will utilize the healing concepts leaned from the ancient science of Ayurveda and the practice of Yoga. 

We are developing campus whereas much time is spent in nature as possible and the food is fresh farmed and organically  grown. 


The Shanti new concept living environment will make life for the client comfortable and enjoyable. Modern science has profoundly altered the course of human life. People are living longer than any other time in history but the advances have turned the process of aging into a medical experience for which the medical world is unprepared. ~ ~ Dr. Atul Gawande

Shanti will help make the latter stage of life a natural progression with wholesome food, Ayurvedic therapies, yoga, and meditation in an expansive resort like living center with a large outdoor campus. It will also be offering an environment for all ages for long and short term stays. 

We feel senior living is about creating an environment to fulfill one’s life in all aspects; mind, body and spirit. This is where our community will introduce ayurvedic concepts, complementary and alternative medicine, and where we will differ from other senior communities. We are creating a community that while aging in place, you are continuing to thrive, flourish, and learn, all while receiving assistance with activities of daily living and being surrounded by stimulation, and social engagement. We wanted to create a community unlike anything else.


An environment that utilizes the healing power of light and nature and Circadian rhythms, as recently recognized in Noble Prize winning work, is very helpful in our senior years. 


We need to retard the rate of aging to a limited extent and to promote healthy aging. There is considerable scope to develop a safe and cost-effective protocol for geriatric care on the basis of Ayurvedic lifestyle management, Rasayana therapy and practice of yoga.

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