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All architecture and construction at Shanti Ayurvedic Healing will be in according to the Vedic laws of Vastu or Indian Feng Shui. 


Vastu shows us how to orient our dwellings to bring in the right and most beneficial directional healing influences. Its importance extends to the home, the workplace and to the right orientation of public buildings. 


The directions of space carry various influences based upon topography, seasons and astrological factors. They are not simply neutral but set in motion certain forces that can be helpful or harmful to us. The human mind reflects its environment in how it works. So, a proper environment and right orientation within it creates a foundation for all that we do that can either help or inhibit our actions.


Vastu experts guide us to the proper orientation of houses, buildings and plots of land relative to the subtle forces of nature that have karmic implications. Once this is done, they help us orient the rooms within buildings, including elements of both utility and design. Relative to existing structures, Vastu experts may recommend certain adjustments to make to improve the Vastu or flow of energy in the dwelling. These may involve changing or adding windows, doorways, colors of the walls, mirrors, placement of water or heat sources, furniture and related factors. They can include bringing in rocks, plants, elements like fire and water, works of art, religious artifacts or spiritual symbols. Recommendations can extend from personal homes to office complexes and urban planning. The same Vastu concerns are there for clinics, treatment rooms and counseling rooms.

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